This educational assistance shall be available to differently-abled persons or persons with special needs. The grantee shall receive a maximum amount of Ten Thousand (Php 10,000.00) Pesos annually to defray the cost of tuition fee, transportation, and other educational-related expenses such as speech & motor function enhancement as recommended by a competent intervention training center.

The educational assistance shall be paid directly to the academic institution, foundation or speech or motor enhancement center after the issuance of the statement of account.


  1. Must be a resident of Davao City;
  2. Must have been screened and accepted by the endorsing Foundation or Intervention Training Center;
  3. Only one (1) child per family can avail the scholarship;


  1. Beneficiary’s Profile from the endorsing foundation or intervention training center;
  2. Medical Information;
  3. Letter of Confirmation from the Intervention Training Center that the grantee is in need of educational-related management such as speech & motor enhancement, if applicable;