The Medical and Law School Educational Assistance Program provides opportunities to Lumad constituents who intends to pursue medical and/or law studies but are financially incapable.

This program hopes to provide a solution to the issue of inadequacy of medical and legal practitioners in the City of Davao by producing graduates who eventually become professional doctors and lawyers working and providing services to the city in general.


  1. Must be a resident of Davao City.
  2. Must be graduate of any primary/secondary public or private school in Davao City.
  3. Must be a graduate of any Bachelors Degree in any University/College in any university or college;
  4. For those entering the first year class, the candidate must have an average of 85 percent or its equivalent with NO grades below 75 percent in any and all subjects comprising the candidate’s preparatory BS Degree.
  5. For those entering the second year to fourth year classes, the candidate must have an average of 77 with NO grades below 75 percent in any subject in both semesters of the immediate preceding year level (for example, first year for incoming second year students);
  6. The candidate must be physically fit and must be of good moral character.
  7. The candidate must be in need of financial assistance as evidenced by the following documents: Statement of Assets and Liabilities, Income Tax Return, Certificate of Indigency and Family Data Sheet from CCSDO.
  8. Must have not availed of any scholarship, grant, financial assistance or aid from any government, non-government, foundation and the like.
  9. Only one (1) child per family can avail the scholarship.
  10. For Medical School Educational Assistance applicants, he/she must have already been accepted by the Committee on Admission and/or Enrollment at the Davao Medical School Foundation, College of Medicine.


  1. Accomplished Application Form
  2. Certificate of Residency issued by the Barangay Captain
  3. Original Transcript of Record
  4. Certificate of Good Moral Character
  5. Medical Certificate issued by a government hospital
  6. Statement of Assets and Liabilities of applicant’s parent’s or legal guardian, where available;
  7. Income Tax Return from BIR of the applicant’s parent or legal guardian;
  8. Certificate of Indigency or Eligibility from CSWDO
  9. Certification from the Medical/Law School that the applicant has not availed of any other scholarship grant offered by or administered by the school.
  10. Sworn statement that the applicant has no parent or sibling who is already a grantee of any scholarship from the City government.