The City Government of Davao, through our former Mayor and currently President Rodrigo R. Duterte, by virtue of Executive Order No. 07, series of 2014, deems it very essential to provide scholarship programs for students who have the intellectual abilities but could not afford to pursue their education because their families belong to the below average income earners or those whose income are inadequate to support their college education.

Thus, these Scholarship Programs are the City’s initiative to assist the poor but deserving students who would like to complete their education and make a career of their own.


The Educational Benefit System Unit (EBSU) of the Office of the City Mayor is mandated to handle the different programs of the City Government of Davao, as follows:

  1. Scholarship on Tertiary Education Program (STEP)
  2. Financial Assistance Program for Lumads
  3. Medical and Law School Educational Assistance Program for Lumads
  4. Technical and Vocational Skills Training Program
  5. Other Educational Assistance Projects


Education is vital to improve general living standards and promote economic development. It is the best known weapon to reduce poverty.

The link between education, poverty and economic development in the Philippines is clearly demonstrated here: individuals who live in a relatively poor condition are more likely to attain lower educational outcomes than those living in relative affluence, in effect, those achieving low educational outcomes are also more likely to experience poverty.

Hence, the City Government of Davao is determined to break that vicious cycle by providing scholarships to under-privileged but deserving students in order for them to have equal opportunities and access to quality education.


A Scholarship Program that continues to strive in making quality education accessible to the under-privileged but deserving students, thereby providing them with equal opportunities to have a career of their own, with the end view of alleviating the economic status of their respective families, and subsequently, bring about progress and prosperity in our society.


We commit to transform our vision into reality by providing educational/financial assistance to the under-privileged but deserving students of Davao City in pursuit of a better, higher and quality education.